About Us

    • Who are we? We are an intentionally diverse and inclusive group of homeschooling families. Homeschool Explorers encompasses many life and homeschooling styles. The group's activities are designed around the school-age members who participate and their needs.

    • What do we do? We provide academic and social activities/support in a parent-led co-op environment. We are geared for grade school to high school age kids; younger siblings are welcome. After our regular meeting time we go out to the playground, have lunch, and relax. We also have occasional field trips (not scheduled on Tuesdays).

    • When do we meet? During the regular public school year, we meet every Tuesday at 11:30. We do not meet if it is a public school holiday or if Method is being used as a polling place. We have use of the big room at Method from 11:30 until 1:30. Playground time is generally from 1:00-3:00 or as long as we can sit and talk!

    • What does it cost to attend? Cost is $1 per person, per week, including adults and not including children 3 and under. There is a $30 membership fee due at the beginning of the school year or paid in installments with your weekly payment. Some prefer to pay weekly dues on a monthly basis. The weekly costs help us pay our rent to Method. The yearly dues help us have some paid programs from outside sources

    • What do we expect from you? After you have visited with us and (we hope!) found the group to be a good fit, we ask that you provide us with contact information (phone and e-mail). Once you have settled in a bit, figured out how you would prefer to pay your yearly dues, and told us your most embarrassing homeschool story (just kidding!), we will kindly but firmly wave our calendar under your nose and ask you to sign up for something. We do NOT expect you to pull an awe-inspiring program out of your hat (although if you have one, who are we to discourage you?). But we do hope to see whatever unique talents and skills you may bring to our group. If that involves being really good at calling around and getting someone in to do an awe-inspiring program, then so be it. The commitment we need from you is at least one program per semester and two activities for other program days.

    • We will also add you to our e-mail loop, the place where you can get all the information you need to know what's happening with the group.

    • What do we expect from your kid(s)? Well, we expect them to be . . . kids! . . . which means sometimes a bit rambunctious, but generally polite, respectful, and well meaning. We want kids to be kids while at the same time learning how to respect a public space and the rules that Method and the group have established. We hope to have a bunch of interesting, fabulous, enthusiastic young folks who, with loads of guidance, learn how to treat a guest who presents a program and the parents who work so hard to create fun and interesting things for us to do. We do NOT want automatons! Many kids simply aren' t ready to sit through an hour of any program, no matter how interesting . . . that' s why we feel so fortunate to have the outside space and gym available for anyone who might get restless. If you have an older child who wants to attend the program and a younger sibling who wants to play, there will usually be a parent willing to keep an eye on your older child while you meet the needs of the younger one. Some kids want to stay for the program but may need your help to stay focused; please participate with your young person and help him/her get the absolute most out of the program.

    • Again, we warmly welcome you to Homeschool Explorers. We hope that you and your family will find what you seek here!

For more information contact: hs.explorers@gmail.com